Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fact or fiction - whatever happened to trusted news?

Thought for Today 51/500

When is an apology not an apology?? I don't remember it happening, if it did I must have been drunk... and I am sorry but the demon drink made me do it - circa 2017 Kevin Spacey
I still wonder how many of the actors have left for Canada yet?? Or are they not so "oh so pure" now and they will hang out with their mates in Tinsel Town.

Chris Gayle's defamation case comes up with the mainstream press with more egg on their face. Just looking on, why would this happen after 10 years?? or had it been happening for 10 years and things had changed?? or as this version of the Court ruled, it didn't happen.
Russell Crowe is sounding off about "been seen with a sweet young thing" he says his PA press see something else.
Poor old me, is reduced to reading stuff and wondering which pile to stick it in fiction or Non Fiction or the new category developed by Dan Brown Factionary [ fiction based on facts!]
Or the Donald says: Fake news
I have an answer - just make the shit up - like the magazines do about Leytton Hewitt [ he runs a weekly blog correcting the story]
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