Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Belisi Bags

Belisi Fashions is synonymous with luxury. It is a brand that represents a growing collection of fine Italian silk ties, pocket squares, scares - and handbags are on the way. Peter Belisi inspires and surprises with characteristic versatility and responsiveness to an ever-changing market. The very essence of his collections reflects his emotional and artistic view of life's experiences, creating a personal style inspiring men and women to dress and accessorize according to their own personality. Belisi was built on the philosophy that a Necktie or Designer Handbags is more than an article of clothing-it completes you look.

“…there are plenty of Web sties where you can buy accessories but few where you feel like you are a part of fashion community…” affirms Belisi.

Not only does their website feature beautiful clothing, but it features helpful fashion tips. So why don't you visit the site today and shop for wonderul accessories and free fashion tip?

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