Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Three Steps to Unlocking The Secret

What is The Secret REALLY about? The original idea is based on a 1910 book by Wallace D Wattle called “The Science of Getting Rich”. download your free copy here

Basically, the theory is that out of nothing you can create something. What we think about is what comes to pass! So, have you ever wondered how to turn nothing into something?

In order to turn nothing into something, you've got to start with some ideas and imagination. Now, it might be hard to call ideas and imagination nothing; but how tangible are just your ideas?

This is the start point of achieving – imagine what you want and work towards creating it.

Someone's idea became that magnificent resort hotel, someone’s frustration at not being able to get something turned into an business, a doctors horror at an incurable idea and a belief that it could be cured into a new vaccine or someone’s off the wall thoughts that became a miracle product. These are examples of an idea – a nothing tangibly, that became so powerful in your mind and in your consciousness that they seem real to you even before they become tangible.

The Secret is Imagination that is so strong, you can actually see it.

If you have ever built a house from the ground up you will remember going to the vacant block with your friends and family walking them through your imaginary home. I am sure that many of you have done this – imagined something so vividly that it appeared real, and ultimately came into being. And this usually was before the plans were drawn up!

I vividly remember standing on a sandy block in Hillarys Western Australia and the Real Estate salesman saying; “Just over there will be a school, just below us will be a monster park, and just over there, just above that hill will be one of Australia’s largest shopping centres.” As I wiped the sand from my eyes on that blustery winter day in 1972, sand that was being whipped up by a strong sea breeze blowing across the desert that was a future town, I believed him. I bought that block of sand!!

In 2007 the monster park is Mawson Park which is absolutely fantastic, the school is one of Perth's finest and the shopping centre is Whitfords City which is one of the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Someone imagined so hard that they created something out of nothing.

So, the first step of turning nothing into something is to imagine the possibilities.

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