Monday, July 23, 2007

Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting service is not something to be taken lightly. Choose the wrong web host and you could find yourself stuck in A Webmasters Nightmare on Dot Com Street. Months and even years of hard work can go down the tube when you're faced with the inability to grow. The trick is to find a web hosting plan that will expand with your web site.

When searching for a hosting plan, make sure that the servers are able to support the most commonly used programming languages and features such as PHP, ASP, Java and CGI Pearl scripts. Even if you won't use them right away, having these options now can save you a ton of headaches later. At some point you'll likely want more than a static web site.

Good web hosting providers will allow FTP access. You will find the need for this as your web site develops, so make sure now that it will be available. At some point in the future you may find the need to upload and install programs to your web hosting server, so check that you will be able to upload third party software id and when necessary.

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