Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's always too soon to quit!

So you feel beaten up and bruised and you are ready to quit. You have no support system or the one you have is pathetically inadequate for the goals you have set. You are so tired that the couch is looking more and more inviting everyday. You have bills piling up and you probably ought to get a real job anyway. The failure rate is statistically high and nobody is going to fault you if you quit. Who really cares if you give up and quit now? You do.

Fall down seven times, get up eight times.
Japanese Proverb

Late last year, just after the press reported my troubles with the Government about the sending of emails, and the imposing of $5.5 million in fines on my business and myself, one of my readers wrote in and said:

“Now Wayne we will really see what you are made of!”

So, for the last three years I have been waging a battle against those who would see me fail. A battle against those who see that anyone who challenges the system deserves to be crushed. A battle that sometimes seems unwinnable. Yet every time it seems like the battle has been conceded, someone or something comes into my world and gives me a hand.

On the same day just 5 weeks ago that I received a 50 cm thick book called "Taxing of Costs" of what the Government was claiming that they had spent to bring their court case against me – sorry what they had spent of your money – I received a brilliant 5cm thin book from two of the people who say I have in some way or some how inspired them. The Governments book claimed costs of $518,000 for running their case against me and was meant to crush me.

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