Friday, July 20, 2007

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Whether you have a specific and immediate need for Office Furniture or some other practical item, or you just love shopping for exquisite pieces of furniture, this Online Furniture Store is perfect for you.

It makes sense for a furniture site to have really good design. Furniture has been the focus of design since long before the Internet existed. They put a search box right beside the page title in the header. A search gives you a table of results and also a check list for refining you search. Don’t you like the way this works?

The layout of the eStores is really great on The key part of the main page has images linked to featured products and sale items. To the left are tables that give you the choice of shopping by room, by item or even by colour. Contact information is placed where it can’t be missed. The stores toll free number is paced at the top and the middle of the page. The footer has a link to a full page of contact information.
One of the hallmarks of a good website whether it’s commercial or personal is website navigation. FurnitureFromHome is a good example of a site that has good web site navigation. For example, the top navigation allows users to easily find their way around the site from every and any page. Also easily accessible and viewable is the shopping cart which is place at the top of the page. Last but not least I think the website has chosen rather good color scheme going for earthy and wooden colours suitable for a furniture website.

The amount and variety of furniture is really great as well. The twin storage bed are very trendy and work well with today’s lifestyle.

When you link to a specific item on the site there is a useful list of other items that you might like.

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