Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's got what in it? Don't mind the taste

Where you one of the kids whose tonsils were sacrificed to the need of ear, nose, and throat surgeons to increase their incomes? Although I missed out, my two older brothers are tonsiless but no better off health wise.

I remember that we got through a large quantity of ice cream, that's my brothers who were given it eat after the operation. Sort of like a delayed bribe. Probably the real reason was to disguise the taste of the medicine.

When ever I had to take stuff to "get better" I was always offered ice cream to disguise the taste of what was "good for me."

However, I also remember spitting out the foul tasting medicine I was also given. I think I was better at disguising the fact the medicine didn't reach its intended resting place - the bottom of my stomach - than others in my family.

What's all this leading to?? Well, I have been taking all sorts of natural remedies to ward of the cold and flu due this season. Sour throats are apparently avoided if you take liberal doses of Listerine after brushing your teeth or during the day. So, apart from the stuff to fix my aches and pains - glucosamine ( that's got shark bones in it I am told ) Swiss multi vitamins because I am past 55, echanasia because "recent studies show 85% of colds are less server if liberal doses of e are taken before you get it", the old stalwart Vitamin C, I have been rinsing the mouth with Listerine and Listermint (that's the cheaper brand ).

I decided to have a look at what was in the Listerine... apart from fluoride that maybe gives you Alzheimer's Disease, there is ethanol that makes cars go further, benzoic acid that used as a food preservative, thymol which is harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin, eucalytol that makes clothes smell better, sodium fluoride - is that salt?? no I don't think so, and saccharin to disguise all the other foul tasting stuff.

And here is the real scary part; I am voluntarily taking all these things because I think they will do me so good.

According to a quote I just located when doing the research for this Maverick Spirit

"Medicine has always tasted foul, of course; indeed, the fouler the better."

Joseph Hall, DD (1574-1656)

Ah well, the cold is being kept at bay... so far!

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