Thursday, July 12, 2007

Computer Rentals offers the best in technology

ComputerRentals.Com, as the name suggests, deals with computer rentals. I thought you would have figured it out as well. At least these guys have bought a brilliant domain for their business! That should bring in the right amount of relevant traffic if a search was made for computer rental.

Anyway, apart from PC rentals, they also offer Mac Pro rental which should appeal to Mac users. But that’s not all. Offering short term rentals on these type of computers, ComputerRentals have wisely diversified their product range to projectors, LCD monitors, CRT monitors, Audio Visual rentals, Printer rentals and even office equipment rentals. These rentals can be catered for various needs from trade shows to meetings and conventions or even dinner meetings. They offer advise on your specific requirements so that you only need to rent the appropriate equipment for your needs.

Offering a guarantee on ontime delivery, ComputerRentals promises much on service and satisfaction. They even come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Otherwise, rental is free! Now, how do you beat that?

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