Friday, July 27, 2007

Kidneys - Can I Have The Other One Too?

Michelle Eather, 37, of Woodbridge, Tas., Australia, discovered she was a perfect match for a U.S. man who needs a kidney transplant, so she agreed to donate her left kidney to the man, whom she has never met. But when news of her donation broke, she started getting calls from people wanting her other kidney -- or other organs.

"There have probably been more than 2,000 inquiries," Eather said. "Some people email me twice a day." according to an article in the Hobart Mercury

Do something nice and everybody wants a piece of you.


  1. Anonymous6:42 pm

    Why on earth would you post this?

    I was advised by a friend of this comment, and I find it offensive - not to mention untrue. Nobody asked for my "other kidney" or "other organs"... they asked that give consideration to them should things not work out with my recipient. Please remember that these people are ill and in desperate need of assistance.

    Perhaps you should consider that some of us do chose to do something nice... and have to be subjected to inflamatory statements such as yours, which serve only to undermine true caring.

  2. Michelle, this is a report about what appeared in the Hobart Mercury article as is credited in my post, and I posted the article because it is a reflection of what appears in the press.

    I applaud your caring spirit.