Thursday, July 26, 2007

Traffic Control Devices

Bollards and Vehicle Barriers for Access Security are such a specialised area that you really need the experts to help when you are considering installing traffic control deveices.

One of the best choices is to go to TrafficGuard® Direct who specialize in manufacturing top-of-the-line manually operated removable and collapsible vehicle access control barriers to help secure restricted access areas on your property.

TrafficGuard® Direct traffic bollards will assist in providing the security needed to stop unwanted vehicle access. Extra care has been taken to build in features that provide added protection against increasingly common ram-raiding crime. With traffic bollards constructed from the finest materials to ensure durability - even under the toughest conditions, TrafficGuard® Direct traffic bollards provide an outstanding solution to traffic control.

In particular where a high-security application is required, the RP 3506 Key Lock Removable Bollard is finding favour with many clients.
So, if you’re looking for parking bollards or a complete vehicle access and security system, the first place to look is TrafficGuard® Direct traffic bollards .

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