Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Smorty is another word for SMARTY

Blogging for money is bcoming easier as services like smorty become more popular.
Whilst many people are blogging for the “fun of it” I decide that I would go about creating an income of $1,000 a week – and I gave myself 180 days to do it. Things are going great but they are about to get much better quicker. I have discovered smorty blog advertising

You are probably aware that there are quite a few sites that pay bloggers to write reviews. Well one of the very best of this new genre of income producing sites is one called SMORTY who are putting advertisers and bloggers together, for a fee of course, to create buzz using blog advertising.

It’s pretty easy to be part of of the smorty team. There is a free sign up and pretty quickly you will be up and running and getting paid to blog about your experiences in life.

So, if you enjoy you enjoy blogging and your blog is frequently updated, you can be on your way to blog for money.

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