Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Easy MediScan Sets New Standard

Getting on top of recording details from of medical insurance cards just got much easier with the MedicScan + ScanShell 800N package.

The easy of use is just fabulous. With little or no training you can be under way as the scanning and image processing are fully automatic. Starting immediately, the scan process takes place in the background and stores the image on your PC or server. You can also export the details to any application, or use email or FTP so share with other users.

The medicscan package immediately allows offices to offer improve customer service to their clients whilst cutting down on paper work. A very important benefit that shows up very quickly is an increase in productivity and a significant reduction in human errors

When you combine the ease of use with clear and sharp images that MedicScan produces it is easy to see why there is a great deal of excitement being generated by the people who have installed the system.

If you are still thinking it is all a bit good to be true here are some more features that have got people talking. The medicscan is small taking up very little desktop space, the process of card detection is automatic, and it even corrects the image if you happen to put the card in the wrong way round.

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