Thursday, October 12, 2017

Traditional News - is it worth it at 50% off?

Be careful or you will drop your teeth
Here is a thought for you... I stopped my subscription for the West Australian newspaper some months ago... I have been getting my news fix on the phone.
Got an email - says "come back we miss you" and we will give you a 50% discount on what you used to pay.
I am thinking, should I go back?? Joanne and I currently buy the Saturday and Sunday versions at cover price... so getting a week on the new rate is only a $1 more...
What do you think??
Juggling has shown to reduce stooping in people older than 70... of course you have to catch a few balls for it to be effective!
Hollywood tearing itself apart but still lecturing everybody else... and all the time I think Canada thanks its lucky stars that actors don't have the strength of their convictions - I thought they said if The Donald became POTUS they would immigrate.
As if we are surprised!! I am surprised that they are only saying Harvey was ugly - when will the anti-semetic shrill start??

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