Friday, October 06, 2017

The Maids Day out

Friday in Perth - apparently the only place in Australia not either flooding or cooking. It amuses me when we have the West Australian weather forecast - over in 20 seconds for an area 7 times the size of Texas.
The Rebootology Podcast is up and working - I find listening to me at double speed is best!! the link is in your podcast app.
You can make a razor sharp on a leather strap because it has jewellers dust on it... jewellers dust has little tinny pieces of diamonds - the worlds hardest natural thing. So there!
Ever noticed groups of Filipina sharing coffee?? I think they are swapping notes about how to end up with the money. Considering the Las Vegas situation this week I am convinced of it. Sorry if that offends but Rose Hancock in Perth did it well - ended up with a few houses and nearly $50 million. Not bad for a house keeper.

Discussing House KEEPING tactics

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