Thursday, October 19, 2017

Nigel the Pelican friend of NEMO

What's so unusual about being called Nigel?

Thought for Today 39/500
At coffee office - should have been doing sessions today but giving body time to recover from the 2017 version of the flu - thanks Susana for the encouragement - "My friend though it was the flu but the Doctor says it is lung Cancer" Mmmm I think I have the flu!
Yesterday started with me being accosted by the man who wanted to talk... and that attitude coloured my day. Today I have decided to be happier!!
So to start with examples of amazing service in contrast to yesterdays writings.
I had a steak lunch at the 7 Mile Inn in Balcatta. They have a lunch special steak - good value and the steak is usually cooked as ordered - medium rare for me - and the merlot is Jacobs Creek so nearly a perfect lunch.
My computer needed charging so I could write - but no power points in sight. I asked the duty manager and he said... "hold on a moment - I will run and extension cord for you and you can charge away!!" Good service delivered with unexpected good humour. Well done 7 Mile Inn.
I have been getting phone calls about my ABN number not showing the correct details and a major Local Government rang to order courses BUT the ABN was confusing.
I rang a help line and got NIGEL. We joked, laughed and shared [ yes he was from the Government and he did help me ] and he found out that when ASIC took over the State Business Name Registers somehow our records got "confused" NIGEL said he wanted to help more but couldn't but he then gave me the phone number to call, suggested the best time to call, explained what I had to ask ASIC to do and how it would work. Yes NIGEL was with the Government.
Thursday is a deep work day for me - I call it my warrior day - so after writing walking and my coffee, I will enter warrior mode but today I will start with a mindset of gratitude rather than confrontation.

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