Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Do kangaroos have paws?

Perth is celebrating spring today... well blue skies and it is warming up. All the rain means the wild flowers are amazing. The colours of spring!!
The main stream media is having a field day with the Las Vegas shooting. Vitim pics, victim stories, hero stories etc, oh and the conspiracy theories... and the local newspaper is unreadable with the first 12 pages devoted to this American insanity.
How can someone get 23 machine guns into there hotel room?? and no one say something??
The car is back from the repairer as good as new.
Why do overheated eggs go grey?? It is the sulphur in the them... cook them less. [ Rotten egg smell is sulphur! ]

This years flu season and that the flu shot is not effective for nearly 70% of the people who have it... isn't that false advertising?
Kangaroo Paw Perth Western Australia

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