Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Blue ocean v Red Ocean Business strategy??

I am out of here

Blue ocean v Red Ocean Business strategy??
That is what trigger the grey matter this morning. Apparently, in business, you can compete and the water will become bloody [ Red Ocean ] or find a new niche and have it to yourself. [ Blue Ocean ]
So that is what was going on... we used to develop new subjects, go to new cities, and get new people - the wide blue ocean and then people came along and competed with us [ the ocean turned red ] Yet what we should have been doing is moving further forward...
Your only competitor when you think this way is "The future" and there is so much of that... everything to come is the future.
Why do we sneeze less when sleeping?? Apparently it has to do with REM... any more explanation is for you to find... call it your home work!
When will the Australian Government, you know the clowns we elected to Govern, start governing?? We are in a place of indecision again: Same Sex Marriage, The GST, The foreign citizenship High Court Challenge, gas shortage, hung parliament, $50 billion submarines and more all waiting for a decision... get on with it guys - and don't do a Nick Zenaphon - who has grabbed his bat and ball and gone home!

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