Friday, October 27, 2017

Is the cost of parking the new measure of affluence?

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Thought for Today 47/500
I need space when I write - like now in the coffee place at an ungodly hour - it's not yet 6 am here in Perth - so I have been looking for somewhere that allows me to be nearly invisible but able to do DEEP work on my new book DONE!
I found such a place yesterday at Regus Garden Park Osborne Park, and it made me reflect on my first service office - way back when.

I had a serviced office [ back when they were looked down on and not the norm ] in the St Martins Tower Perth - I can't recall how much the office was but I do recall that reserved parking was $1200 a month [ this was 20 years ago ] and the office was "less than a secretary's [ they now are PA's or EA's ] wage" so probably $2000 a month.

2017 version - all day parking in Osborne Park will be $8.20 with first 2 hours free and the all you can eat model of business lounger access, free wifi, coffee etc is $185.00 per month.
Now I am not sure what that is in deflation bu it says something about times... and I can access 3000 similar places in 900 cities around the world.

Oh I can book other stuff on my smart phone app!

And I doubt anyone will look down their nose when I invite them to my Perth office [ or Sydney or Brisbane or Darwin etc ]

How times change. [ originally published in Rebootology ]

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