Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Socceroos progress [ JUST!! ]

What's the world coming too?

Isn't it painful watching Australia's soccer [ football] team struggle against an opponent that really should have been out for the count - or are we really that bad that our star [ Timmy ] is 90 days short of his 38 birthday.
And our super brat Kyrios chucks a hissy fit with the ref and walk off the tennis court in China.
That's got to do with everyone is a winner mentality and don't bother about keeping score, winning doesn't matter - pigs arse!!
Just heard that there is a new surf club in Perth's northern beaches that has reintroduced [ against the common trend the commentator said ] under 8 and under 9 COMPETITION, where they keep score, for surf lifesaving. Apparently it is important when saving lives that you at least try to win....

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