Saturday, October 21, 2017

Hopefully above ground!

Are you working DEEPLY?

Thought for Today 41/500
I am preparing for my new session DONE! Getting more important things done.... and have committed to researching new productivity stuff.
The new thinking is about making a distinction between Deep and shallow work - I have just listened to DEEP WORK by Cal Newport on Audible.
So, I will try and journal how much time I do deep work against shallow work - I am concerned that drinking coffee [ Australia's gift to the world Flat White ] won't make Deep Work.

I watched a great program on TV [ yes I like TV ] last night about 4 older English people searching for a place to retire - they visited Japan Kyoto where 30% of people are over 60!! What disturbed me was one of the group, who was identified as Wayne a classical dancer [ ballet no less ] said he had stopped thinking of dying - he was 68 and I have to say I am a young 66 and I never think of dying. It really disturbed my but the eldest of the group was 88 and he was a ball of fun... he was in his prime a professional dart player.
All the more reason for REBOOTOLOGY.
The Japanese have active work programs for those over 60 and getting a job is easy - sign up and they place you in 24 hours - it was interesting here a 88 year old being asked

"Where will you be in 5 years?" I think his answer was "Hopefully above ground!"

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