Saturday, October 28, 2017

Who will win the Melbourne Cup?

Thought for Today 48/500

When younger I lost a lot of sleep worrying about politics... and found out whilst I was doing that, my business and private life suffered.

October 2017 will go down as a political world earthquake as seen from an Aussie - constitutional crisis in Canberra, unexpected result in New Zealand, trouble in Catolonia and Span, Donald Trump being crazy, the North Koreans doing silly things, and Qatar still arguing with its "Arab Brothers" and for the oh so self righteous left the Harvey Weinstein show.

So what is one to do? I am reminded of the saying "You don't have to like the rules, but you are ob ligated to know them"

So how can you and I keep going, smiling, and come out the other side better for these distractions.

Firstly don't let Constant Negative News in [ or Always Bloody Correct ] hijack your thinking. and - I don't know what the and is... but it has to be better than CNN and ABC.

Who will win the Melbourne Cup?

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