Sunday, October 29, 2017

Is there gluten in there?

I didn't do it - promise!
Thought for Today 49/500 - The unfair attack on gluten!

Freakonomics Stephen Dubner has a great program on what has happened since the media has latched onto the effects of gluten - [ Celiac disease (CD) is a genetic, autoimmune disorder that occurs in reaction to the ingestion of gluten.]
Most people who go gluten free don't have celiac and America has gone from 1 in 10,000 people having it [ obviously wrong ] to 1 in 150 again obviously wrong.
So, who benefits - not the people avoiding gluten according to studies now 20 years old [ some have higher heart attack rates etc ] but mainly processed food manufacturers who by taking out gluten have been able to increase prices from 10 % to 300 % with the resulting ballooning of weekly grocery bills.
Is it real - yes. Is it worth treating - yes are we over reacting YES!! A bit like making butter a demon - now research shows it is really good for you!

But hey, you and I know that not everything that tastes good is bad for you!

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