Sunday, October 01, 2017

Fire Aim Repeat

Thought of the day 21/500
Officially, writing is is now a habit - 21 days in a row!
I subscribe to do, it doesn't have to be perfect AT FIRST. SO, when I sat here in my early morning office yeaterday there was no Rebootology podcast - there is now one, with 14 episodes recorded and the first WELLDONEs from the USA in. Sure it could be better but by episode 500 it will be perfect - if we waited we would never get there.
My voice isn't perfect on the recording - by 90 minutes the flu was winning but the genius of Mark Whitehouse at ProCopy saved the day and by 11pm last night the had 6 episodes up on plus I submitted the details to iTunes directory and we have double digit downloads.
Mark Whitehouse at home - we all know he lives here
So my thought for the day is this - action gets results... or another way activity gets results although sometimes not from the activity.

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