Monday, October 30, 2017

Just what language are Swedish instructions from IKEA written in

A Smaller IKEA Osborne Park Western Australia

Thought for Today 50/500

My company on my walk to the coffee office was James Altucher interviewing Richard Branson about his new book "Finding my Virginity" I have the book - found it in an airport shop on my last trip to Melbourne three weeks ago but can't seem to get into it yet...maybe I will now after James highlighted Branson's love of adventure, family and delegation.

The weekend was involved... there must be a better way for IKEA to write their instructions or are they in league with the professional assembler crowd. To defuse a family fist fight Joanne and I left Erica to muse about what the instructions meant for her chest of draws.

I wonder how the Constantly Negative News crowd will spin this week - lots of things for them to discuss the world over. #WayneMansfield #BusinessSeminarsAustralia originally published in Rebootology on Facebook

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