Sunday, October 22, 2017

Said the spider to the fly

That's the problem with short term memory

Thought for Today 42/500
Droning droning in the background is that guy who has scared off a number of people who used to come to my place of solitude - sometimes people don't get it - reminds of "said the spider to the fly"
A good friend, Mark Whitehouse, has run for local council and given that 90% of votes are already in by post, do you think I can find any local press on results... not Dr Google, the Sunday Times, bloody frustrating and I think it explains a lot- when a crazy went crazy in Las Vegas you couldn't get away from it but stuff that might matter - nowhere to be found. Maybe a local TV station - nah! all news rooms control from Sydney and Melbourne.
Do vitamin and supplements work? I am not sure and this time
last year, before having a month off in Italy, Joanne and I gave up our "pills and potions". And in a year I haven't noticed any detriment but I am finally convinced I should take two supplements - multis for those over 50 and Glucosamine for the aches and pains... I will let you know in a couple of months if I notice and benefits!
Why now... a long commute to Melbourne on Monday - something I have done dozens of times, has take a week to recover from. I had lots of sleep yesterday - so much Joanne asked me "Are you sick?"
So, Chemist Warehouse here I come.

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