Saturday, October 14, 2017

Do finger Prints Change?

Why not just reduce prices??

Thought for Today 34/500
This morning I am listening to Peter Diamandis - the most electric mind I have heard - author of ABUNDANCE and BOLD books that talk about "the world is better than you think."
Need a lift?? Read these or listen to Peter - your life will never be the same again.
What is your Massively Transformative Purpose ??
Can finger prints change?? Yes is the answer so identification by your "finger mark" isn't 100% fool proof - I wonder whether DNA will become fallible?? Rather than operators getting slack [ as in Western Australia ] will illness or other biology change your DNA?
The mainstream media, who must have known, going crazy about the relevations of the Hollywood casting couch. And the plebes lapping it up... and I am sure those magazins will have bumper sales this month.
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