Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Call Buttons and NO service??

Is this drinkable??
Thought for Today 37/500
Well I am back in Perth - the weather her is like Melbourne - dull, drizzling, windy etc BUT without the chill! One lady at the sessions said she used to live in Rockingham but had been in Melbourne for 16 years and didn't want to come back - the weather does that to you - makes you mental! But I suppose living with all those English migrants in their thongs and socks gets to you! Just ask Western Australia's Premier Mark McGowan - he has gone made since living in Rockingham.
Well, I spent most of my 5400 kilometre commute sleeping.. as you do when you fly - I just don't understand people who can' sleep on planes... heck I slept on the bus to the airport - the driver cam to find me because nobody collected my luggage.
tried coke with coffee - god id was awful. The coffee tasted like coffee syrup - I thought Australia had moved on since then [ flat white anyone? ] Coke will look for answer why it failed but coffee taste won't be considered... but again incase Coke is listening, it tasted bloody awful!
Point of view - As I see it! : [ instead of Rant ]
2 hours into the return flight from Melbourne I woke and had missed the meal service... and durin the 5 minutes I had been awake I had made small chat with my traveling companion two seats away - he was a Holden fan and had a neat RIP T Shirt on - and he offered to push the service button. Now on every flight the captain welcomes you and says "Bob [ or Betty] and their team are here to help and make your flight fantastic..." so I was expecting some one would turn up. Well a delightful [ she really was so I didn't get angry at any stage - although there were many reasons to ] flight steward eventually came 42 minutes after pushing the button and said "the call light is on - did anyone want something? or was it a mistake??"
And another 20 minutes later I got a serve of cheese and bikkies and a glass of read... people say its me but the difference between seat 32D in economy and 7B in business is $1500.
I think I will learn to put up with being ignored - when the service did come it was delightful... maybe they need more stewards?? maybe??

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