Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Schools are BAD for job creation!

Barcelona has been sold down the river!

Thought for Today 52/500

On the walk this morning... I heard that most entrepreneurs didn't do well at school because they had learning issues - HDD, dyslexia, some where on the ASPERGER'S spectrum... that is the first time I had heard that when the school system wasn't able to pollute your mind [ the learning barrier ] people turned out better!
So, mums and dads, and here Grans and Granpas be thankful for small mercies...
The other interesting commentary was that new businesses employ less people due to reliance on technology - maybe we have to look at working out how to share the wealth around - maybe a new type of job needs inventing - after all Henry Ford created the assembly line worker all those years ago... before that you worked on farms.
And the farce continues in politics... in Australia's citizenship saga the President of the Senate may be English and in Spain the fearless leader of Catalonia has hightailed to Brussels.
And they wonder why trust in Politicians is at an all time low.

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