Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dags dictionary

Hoptimistic (hop tee' mis tik) n. To keep checking the fridge, late at night, in the belief that a final can of beer must be hiding in there somewhere.

Horrorgami (hor ah' gah mee) n. The vain attempt to re-fold a road map back the way it came, especially in high wind or while still driving.

Hurriclean (hu ree' kleen) n. The frenzied clean-up that occurs when you learn that you are having an important visitor at short notice.

Hymnpersonator (him pur' sin ay tah) n. A person who only goes to church once a year, and doesn't know the words to the hymns, but still mugs along as if they're singing.

Hypocritic (hip o' cri tik) n. A film reviewer who says great things about bad films, just so they'll be quoted on the movie poster.

Source: Richard Glovers list of words that should exist - but don't

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