Thursday, February 08, 2007

Whats Better Than a Gift Card?

For all of us with creadit cards (I would assume the majority of readers) the humble credit card has become a fact of life. I know that I put off obtaining one for a long time, always hearing the horror stories of people borrowing too much money and basically getting their finances in horrible shape. My motto was always "don't spend what you don't have". Simple but there proved to be times when a credit card was a very handy feature. Now that I do own one, I find that I am using it for a lot of different things, from paying my bills over the phone or internet, to making purchases online or if I find that something is going to cost me a little more than expected, I'll just put it on the card.

Now I bring this up for a reason, as I came across a rather interesting way of finding the right gift for that person who "has everything". Usually for me gift cards are the go. The only problem with this however is the fact that it has to be for a certain retailer. Usually this is no better than getting a gift that the person doesn't want, as they are forced to spend it on an item in a store that probably does not interest them. This idea is different. Its called a Mint gift card, and it basically acts as a pre-paid credit card. These can be used anywhere, and I think would be a great alternative to the normal gift card that is usually used in these circumstances.

- Liam Webb

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  1. Anonymous12:45 pm

    Just wanted to add a little to this interesting info.

    Westpac launched a MasteCard Gift Card in November 2006. They were the first Australian bank to do so.

    They are available in every Westpac branch across the country, come with a lovely card, and can be prepaid between $15 and $800.

    I've given them as Christmas, birthday and wedding gifts - one went all the way to Hong Kong, and bought dinner for a newlywed couple on their honeymoon! They can also be used as an "emergency" card for parents to give to their students studying away from home, instead of providing them with an additional credit card.