Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cell Phone Plan Purchases on the Internet

Like most other people in the Western World at the moment, I have a mobile phone. This thing is basically a life-line for me in every way, from ringin up friends and organising meet points, to making purchases or inquires and quickly getting a hold of people. Plans can be made instantly with someone who could be anywhere, and that is what makes the mobile phone revolution so irresistible.

Now when I went and bought my phone, being technologically minded, had to go after the latest and best, though was restricted somewhat by monthly fees and overall cost of the phone. Seeing as though the majority of my phone contracts last 24 months, paying a ridiculous amount for a phone that was going to be obsolete in two years didn't seem like a logical investment. So I ended up getting a cap contract that allows me to make several hundred dollars of calls a month, for a fairly low monthly fee. Throw in the phone with that, and it was a great deal in my mind.

Speaking of good deals though, I came across a great one for free cell phones from a site called wirefly. Like the deal I found, they offer free phones with their selected deals with a huge range of phones available for a wide range of budgets. These include all the latest models from the top phone manufacturers as well as a safe and secure online ordering service, making phone selection a breeze. A filter system is also available on the website that allows you to search by phone type and brand, or by what service that you are after. All the major brands are available, with a wide variety of plans to suit any lifestyle and budget.

In 2004 the company was named inc. Magazine's Company of the Year, and won Keynote's system's Web Performance Award for Best Overall Customer Service. A great resource for phone deals.

- Liam Webb

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