Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sydney gives Queen Mary II 'world's warmest welcome'

Queen Mary II is spending a day in Sydney as part of its world tour. The company that owns the Queen Mary II says Sydney's welcome to the ocean liner was one of the warmest it has ever received entering a port.

The world's largest passenger ship is too big to fit under the Harbour Bridge or to dock at Circular Quay has docked at the Garden Island naval base in the harbour.

"This is her maiden world voyage and this is her 10th port of call and she's had wonderful warm welcomes right the way round, but I have to say, this morning was quite extraordinary."

Queen Mary II captain Christopher Rynd says coming through the heads this morning was a wonderful experience.

"And then when we got closer and the light started to come in with the rising sun so we could see the thousands of people lining the shoreline.

The Queen Mary II's smaller sister ship, the Queen Elizabeth II, will be in the harbour tonight.

Story: www.abc.net.au

Photo: David Wallace
David Wallace Photography

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