Monday, February 26, 2007

Hair Removal Products

There is so much pressure on women to look a certain way - and Hair removal is a huge factor in this. Even as little as the age of 12 you start to be aware of hair on your legs and face such as eyebrows. Now at the ripe age of 21 going on 22 I have tried all sorts of methods in removing hair. Tweezers, creams, sprays, shaving and waxing. Some pain free and some not so.

I settled on Waxing my legs once a month. It doesn't hurt (anymore) and is so much easier the having to shave my legs every couple of days. Some parts of my legs don't grow hair anymore which is fantastic!! Hopefully another year at it they will hardily grown back all together. My mum has been getting hers waxed for as long as I can remember and now only gets the odd patch of hair on her legs.. That's what I love about waxing - Your hair fines out and grows back less and less, compared with shaving where it grows back thicker and more course.

Many people get the wrong impression about waxing - they think it is too expensive and brings too much pain and your left with a rash. I will admit waxing did hurt at first but your legs get used to the feeling and now I don't flinch. I have no idea where the Rash myths have come from but they are just that - MYTHS! You can buy at home wax kits too so the price of the salon is chopped in half too! Its so easy to do it yourself.

I found this really good site, permanent hair removal , it has all the different types of methods and you can purchase everything you need online. It's extremely detailed too with instructions and whats best suited to you for hair removal.

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