Thursday, February 22, 2007

Just Say Hi

I recently had a conversation with one of my close friends who is finding it very hard to find a girlfriend and is getting quite depressed over it. He mentioned how girls have become so unapproachable in pubs and clubs now it's just all too much. I will give him that - I mean when a guy finally has the courage to approach someone who is bound to be surrounded by a group of her friends, then to be shut down would not only be embarrassing but also discouraging.

I suggested he try online dating, I've heard about it a lot lately and how mainstream it is now to meet people through the Internet. After searching through all the credit card charged websites we found this fantastic one which is no charge, online dating.

Online Dating is absolutely free (most are credit card charged sites and its so easy to join. When we researched other dating sites you couldn't access anything without paying but with this it takes less then 60 secs to join and you can roam through the profiles straight away. It was actually interesting to see people we knew on here as well!

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