Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Xoxide Cases

I was searching for a new computer case when I clicked on this website Green Computer Cases. My gosh it has everything I was looking for plus more!! The prices I thought were reasonable which is an added bonus as most Internet site I think, try to take your money. They also offer same day shipping, I thought this was great.

The site is so easy to use - with a tool bar down the side with the different categories you can search in for you desired product. If you don't know too much about brand names you can choose an advanced search on the product you are after. You can search for colour type, size you need, Form Factor, Window, Door and material.

I was a little hesitant at first in regards to purchasing one as I wasn't sure of their return policy. I've ordered items over seas before and by the time they have arrived some have been ill managed and have turned up broken. After researching I found out they offer full refund for a defect within 15 days - and if you decide its not right for you then a refund will still be issued but with a 15% penalty. I still think this is good as the refund option is still there.

Being a keen gaming person I was stoked when I saw the gaming category. Much to say I was not disappointed to what i found. I have been looking for a LAN Party Bag for ages now and there it was. One on the site for me to purchase. At only $14.99 I snapped it up quick smart!

Talking about the prices above and feeling safe using a secure payment method if you are still unsure about credit cards over the net (I know I am sometimes) you can use pay pal. I think the service they have offered to me is great! I ordered and payed via the net and I received my order within 3 days! I have got my friends purchasing from this site now. Its too good!

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