Thursday, February 22, 2007

Mint Credit

I am a huge sucker for credit cards. I have finished paying my THREE off finally, but I'm so broke at the moment with University starting up, I'm actually thinking the unthinkable - getting another! I feel as though I have learned my lesson this time, and I am responsible enough now to actually pay attention to what I am purchasing and look out for my repayments. This time i really researched credit cards and what was best suited for me.

I decided to go with credit card. After reading up on there product I was really satisfied with what they had to offer. I applied and my credit card arrived. This time I have been responsible with it.

credit card offers an annual interest rate of 15%, Interest free periods and no yearly fees. Also while applying for their credit card I came across their Mint Gift Card. It's a gift Credit Card. instead of a voucher for someone to one shop, you just put the money on the card then give the gift credit card tot eh person, this way they can use it at whatever shop they like! I purchased this for one of my friends and they said it was great - no restrictions to where you have to get something from!

Defiantly has made shopping that whole lot easier!

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