Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Home Heating Solutions For the Winter

This is probably all a bit premature, but I thought I would actually get the jump on winter this year. After what has been a fairly normal summer by Western Australian standards (except for some of the crazy cooler days we've had), March is nearly upon us, which means winter is only a couple of months away.

Now being set up for an Asutralian climate, most of the house design and climate control within the house is designed for keeping the heat out and the house cool. This however presents somewhat of a problem during the colder winter months, as usually the only way to avoid the chills is several layers of shirts or jumpers and the reverse cycle airconditioner, which isn't as effective as you would think.

It would stand to reason then that wall heaters would prove a far better solution in the long run. After much searching for options that would suit my situation, I visited the DESA Online Outlet Store. Featured within this site is a complete section on wall heaters for all kinds of situations and budgets. The prices I have seen available are very cheap, and the options and styles available for both propane and natural gas are extremely diverse, something handy when trying to match decor or living arrangment.

- Liam Webb

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