Thursday, February 22, 2007

Richard Gee New Zealand No 1 Export

Richard Gee is a great Kiwi mate of mine. He is trail blazing in India. Here is a short excerpt from his recent issue of GeeWiz News about Rotary In India.

"As many of you know I have been involved in Rotary for over 25 years and to see the work of Rotary in India was truly impressive, this is indeed "Service above Self" when you see a 6 storey Charity Hospital in a town called Vapi that treats 500 patients a day and is run as a charity, to see a 4 storey 120 International Student Business Management Degree programme / mini University that was set up by Rotary. It is still assisted and funded and has leadership from Rotarians, along with so many other Rotary projects - it makes you proud to be in Rotary and most of all proud of the way people help people.

I will be returning to India for workshops, seminars, conference speaking in August and I look forward to helping any of those Businesses around the world that need some assistance."

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