Tuesday, February 20, 2007

UK Based Classified Advertising

As you well know, I've been posting blogs for quite some time now, and its interesting to see the quality of the blog hosting options that are cropping up and becoming available. Coupled with this businesses needs to sell a product, and using blogs to do this is becoming more common.

Now with this all in mind, I came across a UK based classifieds ad website today that also offers its users blog and web page hosting options, events calanders and dating. The idea behind this site is that it is a community based service that amongst the previous things I have mentioned, also include news, weather, community websites and events.

Being a classified advertising website that has a frequent traffic base (due to its blogs and various other services) you can be assured of good coverage and a cost affective way of promoting your product/brand. Free clssified adverts can be posted and it is a very simple matter of signing up and you're away. Its seems a great alternative to traditional forms of internet advertising.

- Liam Webb

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