Friday, July 23, 2021

Rain, Rain go away!

Way back when I first came to the city from Margaret River I wanted to go to the football every week but it rained every Saturday - for the first couple of weeks.... it cured me of going to the football!

This July2021 it has rained every day [ currently 23 in a row ] but each day I try to get in my 15,000 steps... so go so far!! Today it started lear but rain appeared and I have taken shelter at Coventry City... that is where I am writing this!

Climate changes constantly - a saying from Margaret River was "it rains for 9 months a year and drips off the trees for the other 3" Many wish that was currently true. Howver, I am reminded of 100 year flood occurences etc.... mybe the cycle is every 100 years or so...

#Wayne Mansfield

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