Sunday, July 18, 2021

What is Rebootology?

One of the modern issues is that we are living healthy passed the retirement age.

To help you passed these issues, a great tool is a board of advisers.Your Board should have these type of individuals who can help you REBOOT in your career, life, family, and more.

Here are  five essential elements to any successful personal board of directors:

1. The Connector. We’ve all encountered a connector. They’re the person who is well-established in the community, respected in their field, and most importantly, seems to know everyone worth knowing.

2. The Accountability Master. This person will hold you to task and give you the gentle or maybe not so gentle nudge to get you moving towards your goal.

3. The Shoulder to Cry On. It’s true sometimes you just want someone to listen to your woes, sympathize with your situation, and not make you feel bad for having the occasional pity party.

4. The Dreamer. The power of the dreamer is that they think big and they believe in you in a big way, motivating you to accomplish goals that once seemed beyond your wildest imagination.

5. The Mentor. This is the person you trust and respect and whose guidance has already led you to success. There’s nothing better than being able to talk to someone in your industry who gets it and can offer the advice you need to get to the next level.

#Wayne Mansfield

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