Sunday, March 21, 2021

Trust the science?

James Altucher has a new book SKIP THE LINE which gives his take on the 10,000 hour of pracrice - he says that you should ex[eriment and that teaches you more than doing the sames thing 10,000 hours... his example is science [ you know thw politician and woke pople keep saying " trust the science"] where they try to disprove something... if it didn't continually change we would still beleve in a flat world, the earth revolving around the sun, and germs being safe!... yet we are preached to that science has the answers to covid-19 and really they are learning everyday. Why do they say that this is what we believe today but it might be different tomorow... that would be easier to get your head around wouldn't it?

Any way, James makes a good argument for trying different things until one works.... if they all worked things would be so boring. I tried 6 different produts on 5 different lists over the last year.... it show that hat used to work doesn' but actually 30 different things tht used to work now don't it is time to fail some more. I can understand that - success comes faster when you fail quicker.

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