Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Politics - good enough?

Some years ago, after meeting the ALP Cabinet Member Kim Beazley senior at a school do in Bunbury, I set myself the goal of being a politician. I did all the necessary things. expressing a counter vie.. had a police interview to become a commissioner of Declarartions [ yes  and they came to my house]! Everything was on track.

I was choosen to serve as the parents representative on Chisholm Colleges board but was chastised by the head master for expressing a counter view to that of the board members who had been running the college for years - I objected to the builder being given a large extension job without a quote process [ he had been on the board for years - long after his kids had finished school] Anyway, I was told my background wouldn't hold up for public office - being young, opposing the Vietnam War, etc... not Catholic - the upshot was I decided that I was made of the right stuff to be a politician. 

The going ons of the last few months in Canberra have caste a different light on what goes for being the "right stuff" but time has marched on and it is now too late to get back on the track [ or step of getting their  convention has it.]

Yesterday, on 6PR our local talkback radio, Liam Barlett, asked questions of a recently elected Parliamentary party  leader of Legalis Cannabis  [ Her party used the distrabution of preferences known as preference whispering  to finish 5th in a 6 horse race for a seat in the South West Legialive Council of WA ] like what is you policy on Education, Donations by Developers etc... and when the lady said they didn't have any he made fun of her. within moments the listeners chimed in to make fun of her... but surely a single idea party shouldn't waste time on aletrnative ideas until they have secured their first policy accepted??

Mybe I should have pursued that original goal?

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