Thursday, March 11, 2021

Italy in another time

 About 30 years ago, I visitied Italy...

The first 2 weeks were spent in Rome... it was hot as Europens summers tend to be... but the train ticket that allowed unlimited travel was fantastic... it was a case of picking a direction and going until the place looked worth a stop - the place that springs to mind is the garden at Tivoli that is mentioned on a travel site as: "Tivoli is a must-see, as it's absolutely gorgeous, (the ride out there is too) and it's a wonderful way to spend a summer day. In August you may want a break from Rome's oppressive heat, and Tivoli is perfect" which discribes exactly how it was!

And the train trip back was wonderful - 30 plus sun factor sunscreen unnecessary as the sum was filtered by the eurpoean smog.. where as in Australia I would have been a crimson red from a full day in the sun. I wonder id covid-19 has reduced the crowd numbers but I recall we weren't knocked over in the rush.

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