Monday, March 29, 2021

Suez Canal

Who has been through the Suez Canal? I have, on board the maiden votage of Spectrum of the Seas about 2 years ago... [Experience Oracle] I have a certioficate to celebrate the time... at the time it s very "ho hum."

The really interesting event was a "Pirate Drill" what to do if the pirates attacked - tha PA system was RS but the drill kept going and I understand armed security board with automatic weapons.... now I have to admit I adn't thought of the Suez Canal before [except when it was opend] or since until the Evergiven got stuck.

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  1. Suez canal was pretty special for me as I was looking for mines in its waters back in like 1984. Chris Beau - Artist - @ChristopherBeau, (e)CHRISBEAU, EK leader