Saturday, March 06, 2021

3 things I learnt from being in wikipedia

 I was involved in the pioneering of email marketing from 1999 to 2004 [ and still now] and those who sit in dark corners - than they used bulletin boards but now they infect Social Media, where they can hide behind a scrren name - got great comfort by making my life hell. This is what I learned.

1.    The Real People don't care: I did lots of marketing for a guy... let's call him David, who marketed a scurity product, and he stuck with me through thick and thin. the results were good [open rates back then were up to 70% for unsolicted emails against 3 - 5% now] I used to see him have a stand st exhibitions [ he travelled from rural Victoria to grab a stand [remember those - pre covoid days]. Well the faceless people used to harass him by continuously phoning and heavy breathing etc... [ he told me once he opened a brown paper package that was filled with live cockroaches] but until he soldhis business many years later he sung my prasies.

                                                                    Wayne Mansfield

2.     You have to control the narrative.
With my son Matthew, we won the Social Media ontract for the FIFAWorld Cup 2022 until someone who missed out printed out our wikipedia page without the refrences changed, and submitted to the Qatari organising committee! They cancelled the job but told me... "if your government hates you that much, you must be good. Next time you should tell us first!"

3.     It never goes away: Fast forward to 2021 and people still site the article on wikipedia as a reason why I am a "crook" That is 17 years since we were fined as part of making the law on email marketing [ half of the case went in out favour but you wouldn't know from what you read,

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