Thursday, March 04, 2021

Responsibilty? It is different depending on the consequences

 Yesterday I spoke about the CANCEL CULTURE that has become all prevausive in the world since Social Media.

Well, the politician outed was our AGM, Christian Porter, who has been dogged by saying when h was 4 years old... "One day I will be Ausralia's Prime Minister" he went to all the halls of white priveledge... Hale School, the University of Western Australia, was the Western Australian PUblic Prosecutor etc... and is a couple of steps away from that four year old's dream but he is now accused of a crime from 33 years ago by someone who is dead... he has been CANCELLED!

How do you react to that? my first thought was that he must have really pissed someone off and that is pay back but on reflection, is this how we want to live our lives?

I personally think Porter is a prick but he or we don't deserve this. consequenc to the complainer

I listened to Seth Godin this morning and he said that until recently social media played out without consequence - lose a digital game?? big deal... start again and if you don't tell anyone who would know?

Make a hatful comment from a fake account and there are no conseuences... make an annonymus report and the damage is done without consequenc to the complainer.

I have expereienced this but thought it was OK because I was pioneering new ground [ busily working in the background to correct outrihht lies]

But surely this has to stop!!

#Wayne Mansfield,#Done!,Wayne Mansfield

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