Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Focus on The stuff you can live with

Prior to 2019, I travelled 2 weeks out of 4 and enjoyed all the perks of that - great airport lounges, fancy hotels, great meals etc... then covid-19 hit and I couldn't travel... all borders are shut and Western Australia actually went ballastic - an island in an island. So I couldn'r travel, I am working from home [ which I hate!] and my business evaporated! My response was "we are being run by highly educated Idiots!"
 Well, after listening to other views I have decided to refocus and put things I can't "Personally" do any thing about [ like Travel] behind me and only worry about what I can influence - gicing blood for example.

I stopped giving blood because it became political - the HIV virus made them change the questions and being asked about same sex matters offended me... Anyway I am back giving blood which when you count plasma, you can do every 2 weeks, and I decided to donate 50 times before I am too old [ I am up to 50! now ] and technology has replced the screens [ real ] with iPads and automatic tempersture checks and I have lost that feeling of angst that stopped me way back in 2004.

So, what are you worrying about that you can do anything thing about? Put it behind you and FOCUS on what you can do... I promise you it feels better!

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