Monday, March 22, 2021

Football is back!

The 2021 Australian Football League [AFL] got underway this weekend and with some rule tweeks, is watchable agin... [ Quaters returned ro 20 minutes plus time on, standing the mark rule has been re-imposed and contraversily, a medical sub is now allowed.] My team the West Coast Eagles played on Sunday in 36c heat and won!!

There were upsets, like Adelaide beating Geelong [ Who picked that?] predtible results [ Richmond - winning and Dusty Martin starring - all according to script] and the usualy season threatening injuries  [Alex Pearce and Matt Rowell] and Patrick Dangerfield on Report for a head clash... ahhh nearly normal!

I have been a reluctant follower for a few years whn it was just a mess like Rugby League but this weekend was GREAT!

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