Wednesday, March 17, 2021

What is the difference between coaching & mentoring?

 What is the difference between coaching & mentoring? 

Coaching is a trained and practiced skill that helps high-performing employees set and reach personal goals that are in line with organisational objectives, taking their skills and leadership capabilities to the next level.

Mentoring is based on the experiences of the mentor and focuses on the development of the mentee as a whole person. Mentoring does not require any specialised training, and can be undertaken by anyone senior (or junior, in some cases) to the mentee.

Mmmm it seems like coaching is about getting a better result where as mentoring is getting a beter person! That seems to explain why coachs can be arseholes and be well liked. Mentors are just themselves, good or bad, So if you would like a mentor, warts and all, I put up my hand!

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